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Smale Riverfront Park

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Located in the heart of Downtown Cincinnati, the Smale Riverfront Park spans 45 acres overlooking the Ohio River. Serving as a connection point between the Great American Ballpark and Paul Brown Stadium, the Smale Riverfront Park is a fantastic gathering place for the city residents and its visitors. The Walnut Street Fountains and Stairs serve as the grand entryway into the park. The Walnut Street Fountains flank the steps with two large cascading water features and more than 40 LED lights. Anchoring the steps are three elevated glass balconies along Mehring Way that serve as observation stands for visitors. Each one of the balconies features an LED-lit water curtain below them that provides a one-of-a-kind illuminated effect. For this project's water feature, ADE provided hydraulic, structural, filtration, and chemical system design and engineering services, as well as lighting programming design and sequencing.