ADE’s Newest Hot Shots

December 21, 2017

Aquatic Design & Engineering (ADE) saw major changes in 2017, especially with the addition of a handful of new team members. As we celebrated the end of the year with our traditional Christmas party and team building day of laser tag, we wanted to take some time to introduce you to the newest recruits.

From left to right: Mackenzie Campbell, Ariel Costa, Ivan Garcia, Victor De Marco, and Ronny Tomasetti


Mackenzie Campbell joined ADE this summer as an Engineering Coordinator, bringing with her a strong foundation in aquatic engineering thanks to her experience designing live animal habitats for underwater ecosystems. Her knowledge of mechanical systems and fluid analysis has made her a valuable addition to the team, and even Mackenzie’s early exposure to different aspects of engineering (both in the aerospace and medical devices sector) rounded out her project portfolio. Our day of laser tag was only the start of the fun for Mackenzie; she took advantage of her free afternoon to head to Orlando’s attractions area. A self-professed theme park “nut,” Mackenzie said she always plans to have an annual pass to at least one of our local theme parks.

Ariel Costa is another new face that we welcomed to the team this summer. In her role as a Development Coordinator, Ariel supports ADE’s online software systems and data management. She brings a wealth of knowledge in all different aspects of coding and programming languages, helping to solve numerous development challenges for some of ADE’s proprietary systems. Her background in hospitality management also provides our team a deeper appreciation for serving our clients in the resort and theme park industries. Ariel is a natural problem-solver, a skill that will come in handy when she and her husband welcome their second child this coming spring.

Ivan Garcia started at ADE this fall as Electrical Controls Coordinator, using his extensive background in electrical components and programming to support the ADE team in designing complex control systems for choreographed water features and pools. Ivan’s knowledge spans several industries including telecommunications, robotics, and medical equipment, and he has compiled a large project portfolio both in Florida and in his native Colombia. During our team building day, he demonstrated his speed and fearlessness, which explains why his hobby and dream would be to have a racing team to race at Sebring or any professional track.

Victor De Marco came onboard in the summer as an Engineering Coordinator, adding a background in modeling and prototyping to the team. Victor’s knowledge of computer aided design has been a valued asset to ADE’s design studios, helping apply his experience in the medical devices sector to our work in engineering complex aquatic structures and water feature elements. Victor is driven by tinkering and working with his hands; he even surprised his now-fiancée by building a model of the enchanted rose from Beauty and the Beast that had a false bottom holding an engagement ring.

Ronny Tomasetti joined ADE in the fall as a Development Coordinator, helping to bring online some of the company’s data management software platforms. With his extensive knowledge of computer programming languages and tools, Ronny aids our team with advanced coding support and troubleshooting of our backend systems. As a former teaching assistant for a coding bootcamp, he’s giving our team of developers a lesson or two around the office. When he isn’t staring into the Matrix of coding languages on his computer monitor, Ronny spends his time with his wife and three kids, aged 9, 7, and 3.

Here at ADE, we’re fortunate to get to work with our new team members and all of the wonderful professionals we have on staff. From our family to yours, happy holidays!

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