30 Projects from 30 Years: Florida Polytechnic University

November 03, 2017

With the growing abundance of technology jobs in our new economy, back in 2009 the State of Florida made a push to create a specialized university that would concentrate on preparing a future workforce for high-tech careers. That institution would come to be called Florida Polytechnic University.

As the plans came together to create this visionary school in Central Florida, the designers enlisted renowned architect, Santiago Calatrava to design the campus’ first building, which called for a series of lakes around it and down the length of the campus. Our team at Aquatic Design & Engineering (ADE) joined the team to create these aquatic features not only to enhance the beauty of the building, but also to ensure the long-term sustainability of the aquatic ecosystem.

Many reflecting pools are created without the care and thought given to the natural environment around them, instead relying on chemical additives to maintain a pristine appearance. ADE approached the design of the pools using a specialized aeration system that mimics oxygen-rich lakes and ponds as a way to promote the growth of healthy plant life. Thousands of feet of air tubing run the length of a litoral shelf all around the pools, pumping in air to inhibit the growth of algae.

Today, residence halls and other administration buildings all have a view of the ADE-designed lakes that form the spine of the Florida Poly campus, and we’re proud that our water features serve as the focal point for this promising university.

Image via Flickr