The News: BIM Makes Construction Smart -- Popular Science

April 09, 2015

ADE features a full Revit studio to partner with design professionals on BIM projects. Revit is a 3D modeling software that allows our designers to work in an entirely new medium. Because Building Information Modeling (BIM) is newly adapted, not everyone understands how BIM functions and even fewer understand the advantages it can offer. Popular Science recently covered how BIM is improving the industry. 

The crux of the Popular Science angle is that BIM allows project teams to integrate design earlier, which can allow for cheaper solutions to conflicts. The article uses this graph to help illustrate the change BIM provides.

The article explains that BIM allows the different members of the project team -- architects, engineers, etc. -- to bring their designs together earlier in the design process for a more integrated delivery. This "front loading" is facilitated by the use of BIM software like Revit, which allows for the team to all work within "a comprehensive 3D file that incorporates all the components that make up a building."

For ADE, the ability to partner with the design team in Revit means that important collisions in pipe runs can be detected early, that equipment spaces can be better located and oriented, and that the aquatic bodies can be better incorporated into the site plan. By integrating the aquatic design team early in the process, many issues can be avoided and it becomes easier to achieve aquatics that are efficient, economical, and successful. 

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